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September: Cary, Shimshon, Elizabeth, Side Thorn, Channel Terminated, Truthers Rock, Sulley, Truthertz, Annette, Jarrett, Chad, Anonymous XMR,  Chad, Anonymous XMR, Buffy the NWO slayer, RBD3, Anonymous XMR, CooperJames4570, Chad

August 2023: Anonymous XMR, Chad, William, CooperJames4570, Shimshon, James_JD7, Anonymous XMR, A Giant Hoax for Mankind, Shimshon, Side Thorn Journalist, Elizabeth, Texas Geoengineering, Cary, Truthers Rock, RBD3, John, Shimshon, Conspiracy Granny, Chad, Truthertz, Caleb, Sulley, Gary King, Buffy the NWO Slayer, Anonymous XMR, Robert, Truthertz, Jamal, Anonymous XMR, John, Jarrett, CooperJames4570, Kevin, Chad, A Giant Hoax for Mankind, Miles, Gary King, Safety net used

July 2023: Gary King, Truthertz, Skepticon, Chad, Jarrett #EarthIsFlat, CooperJames4570,Steven, Kevin, Unjabbed, Side Thorn Journalist, Elizabeth, Channel Terminated, Shimshon, Truthers Rock, A GIant Hoax for Mankind, Info Crypt, Chad, Buffy the NWO Slayer, Sulley, Steve, Corvus Corvid, JustMe, Caleb, Chonky, RBD3, Conspiracy Granny, Anonymous XMR 

June 2023: Gary King, Anonymous XMR, Bruce, James, Unjabbed, John, Sulley, CooperJames4570, John, Chad, A GIant Hoax for Mankind, Info Crypt, Side Thorn Journalist, Elizabeth, Shimshon, Larry, Paul, Chad, Anonymous, Unjabbed, Wilbert, Unjabbed, JustMe, Womac, Caleb, Anonymous XMR, RBD3, Cary, Truthertz, Kathleen

May 2023: Robert, Nathan, Truthertz, FlatInNH, William, Womac, RBD3, FlatInNH, Chad, Sulley, Truthertz, Chad, A Giant Hoax for Mankind, Elizabeth,CooperJames4570, Caleb, InfoCrypt, Side Thorn, JustMe, Shimshon, Jarrett #EarthisFlat, Cary, Kevin

April 2023: Chad, JustMe, Darrain, A Giant Hoax for Mankind, Elizabeth, Richard, Shimshon, FlatInNH, SideThorn, Truthers Rock, Mike Palecek, RBD3, Cary, Sulley, Chad, Jarrett #EarthisFlat, MattyD, Elizabeth, Truthertz, CooperJames4570, Gary King, Mowac, Miles, FlatInNH, Kevin, A Giant Hoax for Mankind, Chad

March 2023 : Chad, A Giant Hoax for Mankind, FlatinNH, Elizabeth, Shimshon, BTC Anonymous, Side Thorn, Sulley, RBD3, Kevin, JustMe, Corvus Corvid, Gary King, John, Chad, Philip, BTC Anonymous, Cary, Kevin, Truthertz, CooperJames4570, Mowac, Chad

February 2023: Chad, Elizabeth, RBD3, Jeffersonian Girl, Corvus Corvid, BTC Anonymous, Kathleen, FlatinNH, Sulley, Shimshon, Just Me, Cary, Chad, BTC Anonymous, Side Thorn, Gary King, CooperJames4570, Jarrett #EarthisFlat, Anonymous BTC, Chad

JANUARY 2023: Sulley, Carol, Cooperjames4570,Truthertz , Elizabeth, A Giant Hoax for Mankind, Cary, RBD3, ThePrettyKitty, Chubby Rain, Chad, BTC Anonymous, BTC Anonymous, Gary King, William, FlatInNH, John, Corvus Corvid, Cooperjames4570, Cary, Gary King, Truthertz, Jarrett #EarthisFlat, RBD3, David, E J, A Giant Hoax for Mankind, BTC Anonymous, Chad

December 2022 : Just Me, CooperJames4570, RBD3, Sulley, Jarrett #EarthIsFlat, Side Thorn Journalist, A Giant Hoax for Mankind, Kathleen, Covrus Corvid, Elizabeth, MattyD, Truthertz, Chubby Rain, Chad, gronz23, Skepticon, FlatinNH, TeeSpring order, FEMA KAMPF, Sulley

November 2022: CooperJames4570, Skepticon, Kurt, Kathleen, Anonymous BTC, Elizabeth, A Giant Hoax for Mankind, Sulley, Cindy, Tothster, Mavin, Truthertz, Gary King, Chad, Cary, ThePrettyKitty, No Name, John, Anonymous BTC, Just Me,

October 2022: Tracey, David, Anonymous BTC, Anonymous, Alex, Stanley, CooperJames4570, Cary, Little Squirrel2, FEMA KAMPF, A Giant Hoax for Mankind, Elizabeth, Martin, Sulley, Joseph, Sizzorfite, Truthertz, Jarrett #EarthIsFlat, Nicholas, Anonymous BTC, Elizabeth, Sulley, Denise, FlatInNH, Cindy, David, Anonymous, John, Anonymous BTC, Truthertz, Mowac, Gary King,  CooperJames4570

September 2022: Chad, Skepticon, Gary King, Cary, Cindy, CooperJames4570, Sulley, A Giant Hoax for Mankind, Anto, FlatInNH, Elizabeth, Gary King, Jeffersonian Girl, Skepticon, Tracey, Holohoaxed1945, Gary King, Kathleen, Cindy, Sim, Darrell, Mark, David, Richard 

August 2022: John, Kathleen, MattyD, Sizzorfite, William, Anto, Little Squirrel2, CooperJames4570, Jose Luis, A Giant Hoax for Mankind, Skepticon, Elizabeth, Gary King, Sulley, ThePrettyKitty, Anto, FlatinNH, Cindy, Cary, Jarrett #TheEarthIsFlat, Anonymous BTC, CooperJames4570, A Giant Hoax for Mankind, Stephen, Elizabeth, Anto, Chad

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May 2022Eamon, Anonymous, Truthertz, Michael, Anonymous BTC, MattyD, Benedict, ThePrettyKitty, Benjamin, Elizabeth , AnonUS, Tracey, Sulley, Truthertz, Anto, A Giant Hoax for Mankind, Gary King, Elizabeth, Kathleen, Anonymous NANO, Heiko, Sizzorfite, Mark, Cary, Anonymous BTC,  Anonymous BTC, Anonymous BTC,  Anonymous BTC, Jarrett, Anonymous BTC, Anonymous BTC,  Anonymous BTC, Mike, Chris, Sim, CooperJames4570, Sizzorfite, AnonUS, Sim, Gary King, Kenneth, Kimberly, Mowac, Bob, Little Squirrel2, Lewis

April 2022 Mark, Dale, Cindy, Jamison, Tracey, Anthony, Tom, Cary, Sizzorfite, TeeSpring Order, A Giant Hoax For Mankind, Truthertz x2, SpiritSkySuperfly, John, Kathleen, Skepticon, Elizabeth, Uncle T x2, Benjamin, Anonymous, Jarrett #EarthIsFlat

March 2022: Skepticon, Anonymous BTC, Uncle T, Benjamin, Elizabeth x3, Jarrett #EarthIsFlat, Anonymous BTC, Luis, Anonymous BTC, Truthertz x2, Gary King, Michael, AnonUS x2, Kathleen, MattyD, William, Anonymous BTC, Mark, Anonymous BTC,  John

FEB 2022: Uncle T, Anonymous BTC, Skepticon, David, William, Sizzorfite, Benjamin x2, Truthertz, Gary King, Timothy, Bruce, Denise, Elizabeth, Sim, Tracey, Will, AnonUS, troovideo, NANO anonymous, MattyD, Kathleen, Tom, Jay, Jeffersonian Girl, Luis, Uncle T, Anonymous BTC, Richard, Cary, Anonymous BTC, Anonymous BTC, Darrian, TeeSpring orders, Anonymous BTC