and hes saying it came from a lab, = more bs

But, but, but.... global warming!! Lol!The stupidity is becoming painful at this point.

Apparently, you were too frightened to watch my videos that explained how Soros OWNS Trump.....along with the Rothschild’s who saved his pedophile ass by bailing him out of a $3.4 Billion THIRD BK that would have destroyed his brand and left as Donald Chump. Try taking a deep breath and realize that ALL of this is scripted. Trump wasn’t "elected". He was installed like every other Puppident since they started using electronic vote rigging machines in the 80’s. Wake the F up! Get the F out of the Matrix Joesy. You seem like a good guy at heart, but you need to stop being punked by the system.

So, you were a dumb punk then. Now, you’re just dumb. Bwah ha ha

I see...You "seem" Christ! Ha ha ha ..........

Looks like you trolling is not going well.....Bwah ha ha ha .....back to Youtube Troll Bitch......Bwah ha ha

But how? The UN owns the world it seems, and countries can’t exit from it.

The NHS and public health services worldwide were set up as a Trojan horse to lull the public into a false sense of security for a couple of generations (media and education likewise) and then switch to their true function..the ruling classes long-desired plan for a global cull of the great plague of humanity. Too many people still can’t get past the idea that the health services are for our benefit and are under attack when the truth is that they have been used to destroy public health and undermine our right to make our own health choices.

Thank you Jeff!! I love watching for Lucy while you walk. You are greatly appreciated. #TheEarthIsFlat

Spoken like someone covering his attendance of the capitol on Jan 6...

Shut up troll!

Both administrations are feeding the same stomach. BUT they seem to have different diets. One eats the godless and vein. The other is ostensibly more all consuming

I think it’s footage from the auserity riots. No need to delete, it makes a point.

That was funny. Thanx.

A lot of Truths mixed in with some false info, however maybe not his error, he is just going on the information he is aware of. Gregory noticed the obvious panic in the market this last week and probably wants his followers to stay calm and not make drastic moves.

What event? This was on my feed as recent. I’ll delete it if its old news. Thank you.

The riot footage was from a while ago for another event.

I’m sure he is apart of another organization and they can recruit from the lodges for participants. Just being a free mason wouldn’t be shocking or a big deal as compared to what other entities have infiltrated and operate within the lodges. He would have been arrested, bond posted, mugshots, etc.

Yeah sure... In Holland, the speakers with messages in English... Give me a break! It would make sense in Dutch, not in English. What a crop of shite!

You can check out the freemason lodges in his hometown and county area. If he belongs to the lodge his name will be on the log book or website.