Just as it was planned. When the true fighters strike, all you’ll see are the effects of their actions. They don’t burn police cars, busses and garbage cans.

As one who has great admiration and respect for the Jew (please remember that Christ -the REAL one -,and not the satanic imposter -Antichrist-. IsraHELL is preparing the way for) was and IS Jewish . My own life would be massively impoverished ,were it not for their input to the field of music . ie Robert Zimmerman aka Bob Dylan ,there`s no one to touch the genius of this guy . And what of "laughing Lenny" Cohen ,and many many others. HOWEVER I am utterly opposed to the satanic scum running the Israel of today . Thankfully there have been sizeable numbers in their military ,blowing the gaff on the CLEARLY STAGED "invasion". And YES I`ve been sickened by the nauseating fawning ar-e licking rhetoric of most of the so called church . Some of the worst being the EvanJELLYcals ,who were DEAFINGLY silent throughout the scamdemic. So ,YES speak out against this attrocity , but please allow a voice to those brave enough within the IDF to condemn the crime they are witnessing in their own country. Thank you

Where the hell are the paramilitaries when you REALLY need em ? And I see this poor blighted country is now "led" by yet another feminazi witch . These loathsome hybrids now infest and dominate much of society now .

Yet AGAIN , it WOULD be helpful for a translation. PLEASE!

I have a book from Unity Church that says appearances deceive. If you think the earth is stationary then day after day look at the sun and force yourself to think “the earth is moving and that it is the sun which holds its place “ and eventually you will convince yourself of that and forget your mistaken idea that the sun is moving. THAT is the scientific method THEY use. And , honestly, that book is from 1935 and within a week I was watching a DITRH video and a comment from some idiot said the same thing. How freeing he was when he convinced himself that the sun is the center of the universe. Not through facts or logic but merely brainwashing himself to believe a lie.

The new age teaches that. I have an old unity book with TRUTH in the title from 1935. It is horrific how it twists things. It says there’s no evil in the world and there’s no devil.

They need to take humans off the playing field. They can’t compete on an even playing field. We would be so much further advanced had we developed without this voodoo, Zionist, Masonic, Jesuit, homosexual satanic withes coven suppressing us. A government governs best which governs not at all. Certainly forcing humans and voodoos together was detrimental to human development and human peace. They turned the whole thing into a lie. And money is evil. Whoever controls it is IN control.

It’s the black goo. It’s their As Above So Below. When they inject the black goo into the veins of humans it kills them. (Remember Africa was spared the jab) humans then get cancer, shaking fits, heart attacks, and when you inject black goo voodoo into ANY society you get hell on earth. A society void of any TRUTH and compassion or love.

Seguin firefighters were sent to SS for the hoax. Met one of them at my conceal gun safety class. Seguin is a rats nest.

Her grave was in the far left corner decorated with a bench, beads and whirligigs (like Mardi Gras) while the church “family” was in the front with reused dead flowers. Get it??

Nice job. Thank you.

Funny how the wicked live to an old age and the good die young.... I like the name Hissinger as in Snake Hiss? was that intentional or typo?

Jesus Campos claiming he was fired upon by 200 rounds outside Paddock’s hotel room is 100% disney. Paddock never had a belt feed weapon in his suite so an endless 200 round burst is baloney

Truth is easily tested. Example, never has more money been spent on health globally yet the numbers getting sick grows, not reduce. This is Evidence that these programs are flawed. Allowing a child to make a call on sex change is criminal Life is never a one Buzz number No one is the same person after 70 years of life, 100% impossible Question all things and then make a Free choice, never one that’s policy or a Mandate.

Those who diet correctly need never fear any virus or pathogen

Whatever his failings, Buchanan was head and shoulders above the rest of the idiots.

Bitcoin based on pre-weakened SHA256

She is looking at blood drops from a lady vaxxed with moderna, not pfizer

...and I just realized why no one comments ugh

People need to know there are Jews in the Bible which are God’s people and there are jews in the Bible that are not God’s people...which are referred to as THE SYNAGOGUE OF SATAN