Yeah, real professional. Great research, excellent source material, very original work. Oh it stands up to scrutiny, for sure! Answers every question. Highly corroborated, by trusted folks.rnrnI’m no fan of Osteen by any means, but Come on man.

plosives and sibolants

Man, your sibolants are like nails on a chalkboard. The audio makes your videos unwatchable.rnCan you put a cloth over the mic, or something. Maybe i could make it through one of your clips.

Take goys with him? What would he do with them when he get’s there? By Goys or rather goyim (the plural) you mean the beasts branded 666, right? So with the vax, isnt he one now? That’s generally what goy means stranger, alien, foreigner, Pagan, Hedon, I call ya Niggers, not to be confused with schwarze -the blacks.

It’s been several great episodes from these two so far. They could use third and 4th party individuals like perhaps an Italian guy and someone from the Arab world. Everyone has to come together to explain how their group has been screwed over by the " Chosen people" lol. They need more development in a topic how that TRIBE has overtaken the Monetary and USURY system to our enslavement.

I think 666 is a reference to the brand of human’s who work for money. what on earth does the ages of bodies from a collapsed building have to do with the big pharmers marking their chattel as owned taxable rentable slaves and steak on the table??? and I’m still trying to figure out how 42, 51, 60 can be arranged into six hundred threescore and six.

Wait, so Israel controls both sides of the vaccine debate? I’m putting on my shocked face right now

After watching this video, Bill Gates is planning on making a special visit.

There is a whole bunch of really weird videos here you gotta admit. I got into this site, because i found some good information. There is a bunch of nonsense garbage though, and fresh people with sleep in there eyes. But i like the gems like Hugo Talks and tim truth. and theres odd briliants like Lookoutfacharlie. I have a real hangup with channels that only lambast the jews, because I like jews, Bless ’em. as well as the ones that simply call hoax on everything, that’s some CIA fried nigger shit right there. And if some of you cias reading this are black, My apologies i’m not racist.

Great video! I’ll definitely check his book out! Any thoughts on Steven Hawking?

Good show. I was just thinking along those lines earlier. We’ve got problems if we ever get to the point where we think we’ve got it all figured out. A wise person in skilled trades for example, is always on the lookout for better ways to do things, and when he finds it, it’s his new way of doing the task, until something better comes along.

I dare anyone to tell me that the Alex Jones VS. the Sandy Hookers trials were real. Go ahead,.....................................................................................................I’ll wait.

new Socialist Uniforms

By tv, youre including 153news videos too ?

’Jan. 6’ was just a continuation of the same Trump bashing by the DNC that he endured all throughout his first term in office. Trump was impeached over one harmless phone call when Bill and Killary Clinton has had the C.I.A. execute their evil bidding regarding Oklahoma City, TWA 800, Waco, the MURDER of Ron Brown, (politicians don’t die in plane crashes, it’s simply murder). George Bush, Sr. alone had altered our history by robbing the U.S. citizens of it by way of arrangin the murders of JFK, RFK, MLK, the attempt on Ronald Reagan, John Lennon, Bob Marley, etc. Richard Nixon ran a phony Pepsi Bottling plant that was used to smuggle drugs inside the body bags of dead U.S. soldiers sent home from Vietnam. However, Jan. 6 was supposed to have been Trump’s fault?? Trump was an outsider without any government experience, no military background, tried to do right by the people.......and is STILL getting dogged by government witch hunts and media scandals even three years later after he was screwed out of his second term by the DNC, corrupt RINO’s, and big tech. Nobody in presidential history has gotten shit on so hard for things he never did.....period. There was never one positive report in the media about any of his administrations achievements, and there were many. Ronald Reagan lived in absolute fear of being the president. They’d already tried to kill him once, and Nancy always made sure that he was never alone in the same room with George Bush. The bottom line is that the political cabal and shadow government will push out ANY president that will not play along with them. The only reason that Bill Clinton was elected for his first presidential term was because the he, George Bush, and Ross Perot were all working together, not as opponents. The debates were rigged so that Clinton would have his say when expected and he delivered his typical warmed-over bullshit as usual. Bush and Clinton RECRUITED Ross Perot, who was already a Washington Insider who had access to the White House all through the Reagan years, as controlled opposition. Sorry if I got off the subject. I just wanted to point out the sins of other presidents who never got so much as a slap on the wrist for their exploits.

I think Gabe Krone stopped working on efficient systems (free energy), and stayed alive. But i cant find anything on him now.

I can’t believe there are actually people out there that think this crap was real and that people would actually do any jail time. We are a nation of gullible sheep.

While O’Biden fiddles as the the New Rome burns it’s hard to think everything is a coincidence in light of what their vision is, that of the total collapse of America. Saw a news report on the partial collapse of that apartment building, and 3 bodies were recovered ages 42, 51, 60 which equals 666, ok just call me bat shit crazy as O’Biden claims to 6uild 6ack 6etter.

Are you sure we’ll have everything we need? like toxic food and water and of course forced medicated and up on all the required shots to live in their marvelous utopia where we’ll be forced to sing along with John Lennon’s song Imagine. How bout Dat?

Everything’s lies. Most people don’t even understand God divorced Isr Jerimiah 3:4. Rev shows the end of Judeah in 70ad. Jesus said all this would happen. One sign was the destruction of the temple. It all came to an end. The only way to hide what happened was to change the calander. There is no more Isr or Jews. They hid it and now have Christians believing they are living through tribulations. Everything is faked. They say Rothschild banks aren’t in Russia or Iran. Of course they say that or they couldn’t make up an enemy. The only wars are the rich against everyone else. There is only 1 solution. End these world bankers grip. Anything less is just complaining and you know what they say about complaining It’s just prayers to the devil. We just need to cut the head off this snake.