High Speed Wireless Internet

High Speed Wireless Internet technology is a very fast Internet service. We will install an antenna on your house, configure your computer system and you will enjoy High Speed Wireless Internet. Installs can be either setup as an individual computer or for an entire office network. All setups include either a software based firewall or a hardware based firewall. Wireless is a tested, dependable, incredibly fast technology. Typical Speeds are over 36 times faster than a 56k modem.

United States Residential Broadband Rates

Speed Monthly Setup
56k Down / 56k Up $14.95 $99.00
84k Down / 84k Up $24.95 $99.00
256k Down / 192k Up $29.95 $99.00
Up to 512k Down / 192k Up $29.95 $99.00
Up to 1.5Mb Down / 192k Up $34.95 $99.00
Up to 3Mb Down / 1 Meg Up $39.95 $99.00
Up to 5Mb Down / 1Mb Up $49.95 $99.00
Up 15Mb Down / 3Mb Up $64.95 $99.00

United States Business Broadband Rates

Speed Monthly Setup
Up to 3Mb Down / 1 Mb Up $39.95 $99.00
Up to 6Mb Down / 2 Mb Up $59.95 $99.00
Up to 10Mb Down / 5Mb Up $79.95 $99.00
Up to 20Mb Down / 8Mb Up $99.85 $99.00
Up to 30Mb Down / 10Mb Up $129.95 $99.00
Up to 40Mb Down / 12Mb Up $169.95 $99.00
Up to 50Mb Down / 15Mb Up $199.95 $99.00
Up to 75Mb Down / 20Mb Up $229.95 $99.00

Need a Custom Quote for Bandwidth? We have over 120 Megabits of bandwidth available for any application. Call today to get your custom quote.


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