Qnect.net 2012 Power Outage Update

Qnect.net 2010 Power Outage Update

Update 12/22/12 9:53pm

Day 4 and the Klickitat PUD came back this evening saying it would be another few days before they could get power restored.  Qnect techs sprang into action and two 2 man Qnect teams made it to the top of the snowy mountain tops using snowmobiles and with generators and replacement parts.  95% of the network is now back up and running on temp power.  Teams will continue to refill the tanks on the generators and keep the net going until the Klickitat PUD can get the power restored.

Update 12/22/12 1:27pm

The Klickitat PUD is very close to re-energizing the main Klickitat repeater location that has most people down.  We are expecting to see our gear within 1 hour and then service should be restored.  Updates forthcoming…


Qnect.net has been dealing with the power loss from the Klickitat County PUD.  The Klickitat County PUD has said this was due to the extreme freezing weather conditions that has snapped power poles and caused major power disruptions including a period where over 6,000 residents were without power.  Our towers an repeaters are all equipped with battery backups which would normally sustain the load but some tower locations have been without power for close to 3 days.  Most areas should be back on no later than 4pm on Sunday pending the weather but hopefully sooner.  We have made several attempts to get generators to the tower effected but massive snow and ice have stopped several efforts.  We will continue to work to get all systems back online.  We apologize for the outages and are starting to make our plans to upgrade each tower that was effected to no less than a 3 day run in the event of power loss.  Thank you for your support and patience as we work with the Klickitat County PUD to get things back online.

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