Customer Testimonials

Thanks again for your patients and help, cant believe how much nicer and faster this is, Being done with aol is sort of like being cured of a cancer, what a horrible provider they are.

Fast Internet and great customer service!
R. Murphy

You guys provide the fastest service we have seen to date. One call and we were setup the next day. Thank you.
M. Rogers

Hello Qnect,
I wanted to Thank You for your excellent service. Professional, personable and fast with great attention to detail. I really appreciated your follow up to make sure all was well and best of all my internet is fast and trouble free!
B. Sanderson.

I tried Qnect out of desperation for an alternative to the existing ISP’s in the area, I sure am glad I did: Qnect have been quick to respond to my service orders, their staff are friendly, helpfull, and professional. My internet connection has been flawless since I became a customer about 9 months ago. I especially like having my phone bill included with my internet bill. I tell all my friends and colleages about Qnect.
R. Buse

The only time I’ve needed assistance since we changed providers many months ago was after hours and their business phone forwarded my call to a ‘live’ person who was able to trouble-shoot over the phone and the problem was fixed. Great access and reliable service!
Linda Q.

Qnect has delivered as promised and I am extremely happy with the product, and no problems.

We love your fast service. After years of futilely trying to gain high speed access with the local phone company and providers, it is WONDERFUL to finally have someone that was able to provide us with fast service. We are no longer in the Dark Ages. Your service has been A++++, and even with a few glitches, you were here to help us within a couple of hours. THANK YOU!
Hilary H.

Hi Qnect, Thank you so much for the fast friendly service. No other service I have had can compare. Thanks again.
Sandy F.

The service has been exceptional and we never wait more than a few minutes and the problem is solved. They followup with a call to make certain we are happy. Very impressive customer service, phone connections and internet connections!
Perry J

After changing providers we are as happy as two pigs in church. Honest!!! The speed is terrific, the service is like I have NEVER experienced with any other provider and certainly hope that you will be here forever!!!
Doug Holliston, White Salmon, WA

Thank you so much Qnect you are the best thing that has ever happened to The Dalles,the guys who came to the house were awesome. The internet connection is excellent best I have ever found and to add phone service to that and save us from Embarq we cant thank you enough finally we have choices in The Dalles and Qnect is the #1 choice
C Huskey and Family, The Dalles, OR.

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